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I heard many of time that very high graphics game like call of duty advance warfare, battlefield hardlines, assassin's creed unity,watch dogs, etc were not recommend to play on laptop, why ?

It is absolutely not because of the size of screen , it can be easily connected to the tv by HDMI cable it is portable as well. So why it is not recommended.

Moreover it also comes with the warranty of 1-3 years and we can also extend the warranty.

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Wrong world, this [Null Byte] is about hacking not about gaming

Lol I was wondering why i got the notification for a NB post, but got a redirect to PC Games

Bdw UNH0LYS0DA is right this forum is about hacking and all,
But for ur question,
Laptops are vulnerable to heat.(especially Dell ones,or with the fan at bottom ones)
LAptops with have fans at the bottom are the most vulnerable of crashing as they get hot very fast.

Every laptop comes with a fan as u know, But it can only help you with short work loads, But the games you are talking about especially Battlefield Takes huge amount of ram, and graphics card supporting these games gives a hard time to CPU processing

What my point is Playing these games on laptops can slow down your laptop's processing speed (over time). Laptop's Plastic can melt down(yeah dude it has been happened, with me :D ) and Hard drives can crash (also happened to my laptop) and in certain cases your laptop can be dead forever.

Now about your warranty part,

this things doesn't happen overnight, they happens after 2-3 years of purchase after warranty is blown, I think they are made such that.

Lol, I didn't think this was possible.

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