How To: Put custom songs in Guitar Hero 3

Put custom songs in Guitar Hero 3

Watch this video to learn how to add custom songs to your Guitar Hero 3 play list. Rock out to an infinite number of new songs with this cool Guitar Hero mod.
Note: this only works for the computer version of GH3

Here are some of the web sites you will need:

1: Chart to Mid converter

2: song list editor

3: Lame 3.97

4: mp3 info

5: get any song you want, chart files

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can you do this for xbox 360?

good tip but couldn't you find a cameraman who doesnt have multiple sclerosis?

advice: use a stand!.

but over all, pretty sweet

I need the MP3 file, its no longer in the link posted.

The MP3 File is not there, plz email to me.

i found mp3 link

It says windows cannot open the songlist editor. What program do you use to open it?

i watched the video looked at the sites and still didnt download and i dont have a username and password for scorerhero. Can all gh3 games get custom songs any ways?

Also one more thing get a new camera person couldnt see a thing with him wobbling it around everywhere. Some advice is to get a #$%@in new camera person that nows how to use it!

hey what type of system can you do this for or is it only a certain one

i have followed all instructions n tried many times n it wont work for me... any idea why?

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