How To: Create spies and intelligence agencies on Conrohl

Create spies and intelligence agencies on Conrohl

In order to spy and gain intelligence on your Conrohl enemies, you need to make an intelligence agency. Then you recruit your spies to perform simple espionage.

This video tutorial teaches how to create spies and intelligence agencies on Conrohl (11/18/09). This guides you through the steps required to build an Intelligence Agency, train spies, and send those spies to an enemy planet.

Learn how to play Conrohl, the exciting new MMORTS, which stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy Game". This free browser-based game lets you develop your planet, research new technologies, and conquer opposing players. Enhance your infrastructure, build your military, and overrun surrounding planets! It's a game of intergalactic networking and domination.

Description of the game straight from Conrohl:

"In 2210 mankind thought they were alone in the universe, and then came the Great Century. The expansion that followed triggered the Alien onslaught. Intelligent machines were created to fight in the first galactic war, but the Machines rebelled. The universe fell into war torn chaos.

In the turmoil you were able to rise to power and now control your world. You must develop your planet, support scientific research, and create vast armies. Remember, their is a delicate balance you must strike between your global duties and intergalactic politics. To grow your empire you can create or join an alliance, develop a network of spies, or declare war to conquer any planet in the system. Fortunately, you are not alone in your quest, you can train planetary champions to help lead your people, command armies, and bring down your enemies. Thus begins your struggle for intergalactic domination. Are you ready?"

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