How To: Get unlimited XP and money in Dragon age 2 with a glitch

Get unlimited XP and money in Dragon age 2 with a glitch

This video is a must-see for any Dragon Age 2 player. It will teach you how to use a small glitch to get as much money and XP as you want, quickly and easily. It has not been patched, and will allow you to cheat your way through Dragon Age 2 as much as you see fit.

From the Creator:

To exploit the glitch you need to do one of the "Find and Deliver" type side quests. Any of them will do.

I've chosen the "Bearded Beast" side quest that is available after you've unlocked the "Bone Pit" quest.

1.) Travel to the bone pit and pick up the remains of the "Bearded Beast". They're on the left in the first area.

2.) Go to the docks and find his relative, Arintal the Lesser.

BEFORE you speak with Arintal, draw your weapon. As soon as you put away your weapon keep pressing the action button. You'll get as much xp and cash as you can handle.

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