How To: Pick up airport passengers in Microsoft FSX

Pick up airport passengers in Microsoft FSX

FSx tutorial, shows us how to drop off and pick up passengers and theirluggage. The first thing you must do is bring the jetway and that is(ctrl + j), then open the luggage bunker which is (shift + e + 2).now you need fuel to make the fuel truck and fill you up press the following (shift + f)then the jetway is automatically attached to the plane press (shift + e) to open the aircraft door. you can also chose the amount of kerosene needed and the weight of the aircraft. when the luggage is finished loading press the following to close the luggage bunker (shift+ e+ 2)the vehicles leave automatically. then all new passengers would have boarded press (shift + e) to close the door and (ctrl+j) to cut the jetway. now start the engines (ctrl +e) and (shift + p) to push back. when you are far away from the gate delete the push back with (shift + p), now take off.

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