How To: Remove the head off your Meez avatar

Remove the head off your Meez avatar

Meez is the social entertainment leader combining avatars, web games and virtual worlds. Get help with all of your Meez avatar needs with these Meez tips and tricks! Watch this video tutorial to learn how to remove the head off your Meez avatar.

1. Take off all the things on your head
2. Get a new face (remember it)
3. Save
4. Get another face
5. Go to your closet and delete the face that you picked out on step 2 (do not save)
6. Sign off
7. Sign on
8. Done

Warning: If you mess up while trying to do this, you may NOT be able to change your Meez character ever again!

Description of the application directly from Meez:

Meez is a vibrant online social community that combines a virtual world, avatars and games, creating an immersive environment where users can personalize their identity, connect with friends, socialize and share media.

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