How To: Spawn Jimmy Gibbs Jr. in Left 4 Dead 2

Spawn Jimmy Gibbs Jr. in Left 4 Dead 2

If you're a big fan of the Left 4 Dead games, then you're going to love this next tutorial. In this video, you'll find out how to spawn a very unique zombie: the Jimmy Gibbs Jr. zombie!

Not only does he have 1000 health, but he comes equipped with a flame retardant suit, which means you can't burn him. In order to unlock this cool zombie, follow the instructions on the video or in the descritpion. Enjoy!

On the main menu screen of Left 4 Dead 2, type in the console:

When the map is loaded type:

sv_cheats 1

z_forcezombiemodelname common_male_jimmy
And finally:

z_forcezombiemodel 1
If you'd like to just spawn one, type:

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