News: Bizarre, Live-Action Minecraft Ads

Bizarre, Live-Action Minecraft Ads

Today, on his Tumblr, Notch shared two very odd—and, to all appearances, completely unrelated—fan-produced Minecraft ads. 

The first clip, "Diamonds," offers a nod to the game's resource harvesting mechanics. In it, a crazed tween taps a block of diamonds out of a tough guy's face. Because of course!

The second video, Core Digital's "The Last Minecart," takes a lengthier, more cinematic approach, co-opting several popular zombie movie tropes.

You may say to yourself, "Self, these are neat. But why Minecraft?" If we were to hazard a guess, we'd say it has something to do with the fact that open-ended sandbox games are inherently more appealing to creative types than other sorts of games. What's more, because Minecraft's blocky graphics are somewhat out of step with the times, it's kind of fun to incorporate them into high-tech productions.

What do you think? Weigh in below.

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Those were amazing. I laughed so hard at the first one. Knocking diamonds out of someones head.

As a minecraft player myself, those are AWESOME. Especially the second one, VERY well done.

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