News: Get Out of Farmville! Dr. Phil Treats an Addict

Get Out of Farmville! Dr. Phil Treats an Addict

Facebook games have become a worldwide, web-wide addiction. Just take a look at all the tutorials on WonderHowTo alone. For most of us it's just fun and games (literally), but some have an addiction that merits the attention of the (perhaps officious) Dr. Phil. In a recent episode, Trends for 2010: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Dr. Phil takes on a mother with a serious Farmville addiction.

"Dr. Phil addresses Teresa. 'Are you worried about your crops as you sit here?' he jokes.

 'Before I came here, I made sure that none of the crops were going to die,' she replies.

 Dr. Phil takes a seat on the stage across from Teresa. 'There aren't really any crops,' he informs her. 'That's just a little image on a screen. They're not going to die.'"

 "Get out of Farmville! Start a Garden for real!" Or maybe just spend less than 8 hours a day on Facebook games, neglecting your children.

Think you might have an addiction? Trust Dr. Phil's advice? Then check it out: Dr. Phil's Seven Steps to Breaking Your Addiction.

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"get out of Farmville and start a garden!" Dr Phil ---- YES!

aaaahahahahaha. I knew this day would come.

Can't wait to see how bad the support groups' acronyms are :P

Wow, I don't get what's so great about Farmville. I wonder if I I can find his whole speech...

Holy crap Dr. Phil! That's the wisest, most life changing advice I've ever received. Thank you so much.

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