How To: Access the character command list in Mugen

Access the character command list in Mugen

This is a tutorial on how to access characters command list in Mugen - the custom PC game engine - to see how to perform special attacks and basic moves.

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What i need to know is; where did all of noob saibots mooves go on mk chaotic 2.0.2? Can anyone show me how to get these mooves on the run?

Thanks for the vid, saved my life in more rounds than one. All i need now is uploaded videos on how to get these characters Noob, Y2k, Cylar, and Black Chameleon moves to work. their are bugs and cylar and Blk Chameleon dont work propperly. can someone like you or you make a video as simple as this one was on how to do that?

thanks Y2K

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