How To: Fix Mugen music problems

Fix Mugen music problems

This will show you how to fix any music or sound problems within Mugen - the custom PC game engine.

Plugins to get:
plugin =looptype=1, plugins/in_mp3.dll, mp3, mp2, mpg
plugin = plugins/in_vorbis.dll, ogg
plugin = plugins/in_adx.dll, adx
plugin = plugins/in_ape.dll, ape
plugin = plugins/in_snes.dll, spc, sp1, sp2, sp3, sp4, sp5, sp6, sp7, sp8, sp9,
plugin = plugins/in_psf.dll, psf, minipsf, psf2, minipsf2, psflib, psf2lib
plugin = plugins/in_qsf.dll, qsf, miniqsf, qsflib
plugin = plugins/in_ym.dll, gym, cym
plugin = plugins/zlib.dll, zip

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