How To: Increase World of Warcraft's (WoW) graphics

Increase World of Warcraft's (WoW) graphics

No one can deny that World of Warcraft is the biggest, most popular game to come out since, well, ever. Boasting 12 million players and still going strong since its premiere in 2004, a combination of incredible, intense gameplay, comraderie building with guilds, and awesome-looking environments has made this game super successful.

If you play Warcraft (WOW) and would like to increase the graphic intensity of your play world, check out this video to learn how. You'll be using macros to up the graphics.

Macro Settings:
/console groundEffectDensity 256
/console groundEffectDist 200
/console detailDoodadAlpha 100
/console horizonfarclip 2112
/console farclip 999
/console characterAmbient

Revert Macro:
/console groundEffectDensity 16
/console groundEffectDist 1
/console horizonfarclip 1305
/console farclip 177
/console characterAmbient 1
/console smallcull 1
/console skycloudlod 1
/console detailDoodadAlpha 1

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