How To: Make an ice rocket on powder game

Make an ice rocket on powder game

First of all, you must get in to the screen and start to made a base for your ice rocket.
Then you chose your pen size and start to draw the ignition rocket body and the base for the ignition metal for your rocket.
It starts with two walls of metal portion which must be placed in front of each other; one of them has to be a little bit lifted from the ground.
Then you must fill up these walls with some C4 explosive until a half inch, or a little portion from the bottom of the rocket.
When you have done this, you must fill up the rest of the rocket with gas but checking the "stop" button to be on.
Beside the rocket body you must build the tiny base for the thunder ignition, basically starting with your pen but in the little point size, and draw some platform to place the thunder there.
Doing this you proceed to build the top of the ignition body made of "superball".
After this part, you must fill up the "superball" with some ice to get the base of the upper part of your rocket; make sure to place a lot of ice there and get to the top of the screen at this visual size. Refine the shape of the rocket. Cut in the middle of the ice stick, and place some C4 explosive.
Well you have your ice rocket!!!
Just start the ignition and check how far goes!!!

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