How To: Earn Linden Dollar on Second Life

Earn Linden Dollar on Second Life

In this Video Tutorial I show you a profitable and fun way to Earn Linden Dollar in Second Life. Linden Dollars is the Money in Second Life and you need it for almost everything you do (actually it is just like in First Life).

The Method I use to earn Linden Dollar in Second Life is Fishing. You are basically fishing for Money. Someone is putting Linden Money on a so-called Buoy and you use your free Beginner Rod to fish in there Fishes, which have certain value of Linden Money.

There are four types of Rods. The Beginner Rod for free, a Pro Rod for 900L$, a Deluxe Rod for 4.000L$ and a Magic Rod for around real 40$ USD.

I made with fishing maybe around 5.000L$ in a time of a Month, but you can make a lot more tho. You will see a lot of people everytime you fishing, what is also the fun part of this way to earn Linden Dollar on Second Life.

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