How To: Defeat a Terran Bio Ball build with Zerg in StarCraft 2 multiplayer

Defeat a Terran Bio Ball build with Zerg in StarCraft 2 multiplayer

Starcraft 2 is finally upon us after 12 years of waiting, and it is just as majestic as you would hope it would be. If you're new to the series or just haven't played in five years, the barrier to entry for the unskilled can high, especially if you prefer playing online multiplayer. Fortunately for you, we've compiled videos on just about everything you need to know about the game, including strategies and tips for winning with different races in different modes and situations, and even how to make a Lego replica of a Terran Barracks. This video will show you how to respond to and defeat a Terran Bio Ball build while playing as the Zerg in a multiplayer match.

From the creator:

This video will show you what the right unit composition is for fighting a Terran Bio Ball (Marines, Marauders, Medivacs for healing).

Roaches in the Front
Hydralisks behind them
Infestors for the Fungal growth
Banelings if you can for splash on marines

If they have a greater concentration of Marines, get more Banelings and Roaches, if they have more Marauders get more Hydralisks.

Remember, to always fight in open areas if possible and never get caught in a choke point.

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