How To: Complete the sidequest 'Magistrate's Orders'

Complete the sidequest 'Magistrate's Orders'

Whether you're the kind of gamer who likes to fight the law or fight for the law, you probably shouldn't pass up this sidequest line in Dragon Age 2. Accessible after completing the 'Birthright' quest you can pursue 'Magistrate's Orders', which these videos will give you a walkthrough of.

From the Creator:

1. After completing the "Birthright" quest, travel to Hightown during the day and locate Magistrate Vanard near the Chanter's Board. Agree to apprehend the escaped criminal.

2. Travel to the Abandoned Ruins.

3. Enter the dungeon through the Ruined Passage.

4. Fight the Giant Spiders and Fade creatures. IMPORTANT - When you kill the Venomous Spider, make sure to take the Spider Silk Gland. You'll need it for the "Herbalist's Tasks" quest.

5. Continue through the ruins until you meet Lia who will tell you more about the escaped criminal Kelder.

6. You can kill Kelder and exit immediately for a reward, or you can spare Kelder, in which case you will have to backtrack your way out of the ruins. Kelder will be outside when you get there.

7. Return to Hightown during the day for your reward from Magistrate Vanard. If you chose to kill Kelder, there will be consequences later in the game.

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