How To: Optimize Hellgate:London for optimal performance

Optimize Hellgate:London for optimal performance

Patch and optimize Hellgate: London!

Former PC Gamer editor-in-chief and hardcore Diablo fan, Greg "The Vede" Vederman, gives a step-by-step how to on getting optimal performance in Flagship Studios' action-RPG Hellgate: London.

The Vede shows how to:
- download drivers and optimize your video card settings
- update Windows Vista for optimized DirectX 10 graphics
- set a large custom page file size to reduce lag / hangs / crashes
- optimize your in-game settings for max stability and framerate
- play Titan Quest in case you don't like Hellgate ;)

Test machine: HP Blackbird 002 (
Graphics: Dual NVIDIA GeForce 8800 Ultra
CPU: Intel Quad-Core
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Native resolution: 1920 x 1080

Hellgate: London patches:

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